Perimeter Task Cards

I am VERY excited to be introducing my first curriculum based item to Teachers Pay Teachers!  Between starting a new job in a new grade and moving the same week, I am finally getting into the groove in my classroom. We have been making things happen in our classroom and I am excited for you to come along for the ride.


These task cards come in handy when you need more activities for stations or in your small group.  My group of students are extremely good at solving the algorithm, but are struggling with stamina and solving word problems.  We started working with area and perimeter this week and they had a blast! We even got to go outside and measure the perimeter of our raised garden beds (more to come!). They did, however, struggle with the word problems!  I am not sure if it was because it was the Friday before a three day weekend or what, but I knew we needed more practice with this standard.  So here it is! There is a good mix of word problems and pictures included.  When I taught this lesson, I had the students draw a picture and filled in information as they read the question.


file_000I am extremely happy with how much more practice my students will have in the coming weeks with these task cards. The packet comes with task cards and recording sheets.  I have included an answer key.  When I want students to have instant feedback on their progress, I will post the answer key for them to self-check.  It speeds up my small group placement for the next day!  I teach my math blocks with guided math, so my other students will continue to work with these in one of my stations.

Print and laminate the cards.  I like to store mine in plastic bags that I can label and stock easily.  When I am using them in stations, I put them in pencil pouches in the bucket for each station (more to come).

I hope you enjoy! Please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.  Be sure to check out my TpT account too!


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