FREE Science Talk Cards


If you are like me, you know that some students need a little (or a lot) of help when starting conversations or writing academically about science. I have students who need this support for a lot of different reasons! These talk cards/sentence stems help students figure out where they need to start and will provide deeper conversations in both written and verbal communication. Great resource for students and tables! Includes themes from accountable talk.

This pack includes 13 different sentence stems and starters in two different forms. 

One form has 6 cards per page. I make enough sets for the students in my class and keep them in their baskets on their desks. You can also make enough for table groups if you have community supplies. Print on colored card stock and put on a ring!  Students will grab them when talking or writing.

The other form has one per page to print and place as posters in your classroom for students to refer to when needed.

What other ways have you used sentence stems in your classroom to support our struggling kiddos?  Share your ideas and pictures in the comments below!  Did I mention these are free to download in my TPT store? Click here!



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